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David Haig: 'My *censored* sister's death made me realise

Date: 2018-05-02 11:55

Well here goes my story I was in love with this girl for 7 years and she cheated on me in July she has the night shift as a caregiver I asked her to marry me 8 years ago and we did it was great I thought everything was well but then come July she started telling me things like I don 8767 t love u anymore I can see you don 8767 t appreciate me anymore I would do everything for this girl and showed ur love and affection all the time then I was arrested and thrown in jail for a failure to appear I was in there for 7 weeks and when I came out she was still giving me the same story I started telling myself dos I really fuck up am I really not showing her these emotions she 8767 s asking for plain and simple she was talking to some guy on a app called pof (plenty of fish) that brain washed her and she slept with him. I confronted her because I felt weird on the way she was acting so I pretty much snatched her phone and read a message saying this (I think I made a mistake I 8767 m trying to forget you but it 8767 s hard I feel confused if I made the right choice) I said what 8767 s this she said it 8767 s just a guy I was talking to. So me being a man fucking calls this guy and tell him be a fucking man and tell he did and said that if I left her that he would be with her so I said fuckit keep the bitch. She starts crying and heads to work I text her while she 8767 s at work and tells me she wants him and I say ok but were gonna talk in the morning when u get home she said ok but that 8767 s she 8767 s gonna pick up her things and leave to him. I was even more pissed to hear that so I created a fucking master plan when she got home I asked her to do it for the last time she said ok so I recorded it and fucking went crazy with it then while she was a king her shit I called him and told him what I had done and sent him the video he dumped her ass and she suddenly became homeless but I said fuckit keep the apartment I 8767 ll leave and I did couple months later she calls me crying that if I can give her another chance but *censored* did she know that I was already with someone else her friend but I did feel bad on the action I took on her and am recently slowly talking to her but now the issue is that she found out that I was fucking her friend and is always asking me about her how I did it were I took her shit like that I just don 8767 t know cuz I was hurt even tho all the shit I did to ruin her happiness was because she ruined something that I thought was real I just don 8767 t know if I should continue with her I left things alone with the guy she was with but its like now she can 8767 t leave things alone with her idk I 8767 m confused

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I cheated on my boyfriend of 6 years. I was lost.. we weren 8767 t cmmunicating effectively and I was hurt that he hadn 8767 t proposed when he said he would. WE were in couples counseling and things were improving but then I got a waitressing job for the sumer before i started my new career. I was in Grad *censored*. I started at this restaurant and the chef swooned me. He was a pig. I fell for it. It was so nice to feel attractive, desired, special.. I didn t see he was just a loser taking advantage of my vulnerable state due to the lack of time becasue of *censored* and my failure to communicate in a clear way with my boyfriend causing me to assume things and tell myself he didn 8767 t really love or want me. I cheated..i slept with the other guy 8 times. After 6 weeks, the night before i was about to start my new job I told my boyfriend I was moving out becasue I cheated on him. He had a no cheating policy. He was devastated. Shocked. So was I I don t know how i did what i did. WHo i was then.. I truly don 8767 t. He is such a good man and we had such a beautiful bond. He wound up proposing to me a week later. I challemnged him. Told him i thought it was becasue he was afraid, that we needed to take things slow and see if we could get past what i di. He tried so hard for months. we were talking about me moving back in we were in couples again, but The other guy would not lewave me alone. he was relentless.. I was still talking to him on occasion, my boyfriend found out.. I stopped talking to him finally but he had made me question everything. Telling me my man could never trust me and would never be happy again.. I was such a fool I finally told him to leave me alone, but at that point my boyfriends pain and anger set in and he said he was done. That I broke his heart. That he oculd never forgive me becasue he doesnt understand how i was capable of what i did. I don 8767 t know how i was either.. I am so sad. I don 8767 t know how this happened. He told me he will always love me but not to wait for him when I told him i didn 8767 t want to give up, that I would wait for him.. he is sleeping with a woman now. It 8767 s been 7 full months since he told me it was over. We have a *censored* bit of contact. Most recently he told me he doesn 8767 t think i understand how badly my 8775 mistake 8776 hurt him.. I asked him to please share with me what this has done to him.. He said he didn 8767 t want to talk right then.. I love this man more then anyone i have ever loved in my entire life. We had issues, but I need to get him back. I don 8767 t know what to do. Should I give him space? HE is very guarded and private person. Quiet. Afraid of initmacy.. I burned him.. Badly.. I don 8767 t know how i did this Im scared the more space I give the farther away he will go.. I was in such a low place before I did what I did.. I have been working on myself in therapy and am back to church. I need another chance. What should I do?

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